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In an episode of Sportswinmore's "MIKERODRIGUEZTV" PODCAST, Castro opened up about the free agency process, getting signed at 16 being apart of winning and losing organizations. 

Castro says, "I lived in my Cousin house in Santiago and my father told me the first contract we receive we are just going to sign it"

Do you remember what you did when you received your first contract? "

"I received 50K I put some money in the bank. 15K went to my agents in Santiago and I bought a Motorcycle Suzuki to get around town to play baseball." 

How hard was it for you to come to America not learning the American language?

"I came to the US at 18 and it was very hard for me brother, the most difficult part is when we had to buy items. If there was not a Spanish translator at the hotel desk we had to walk and figure out our way. There were times where we walked home from Walmart because we did not know how to give directions to the cab driver."

How was the Change from Chicago to the Yankees?

"Depressing I thought I was going to be a Cub for life but I had a different outlook. I saw how Alfonso Soriano handled it from being traded to having his success so I wanted that same success. Alfonso was the one who took me into his home and taught me how to play the game so once I found it was the Yankees I was ready for the challenge. This is a franchise of big-time names and everyone would tell me it is the hardest franchise to play for but for me, it was easy, any ballplayer playing in that stadium is treated with nothing but love and respect so it made you want to bring it every night.

How was the free agency process?

"I am happy now I am a veteran who got to choose where to go, I get to play with a certain group I wanted to play with. We have a good group of veterans and young players who want to win. I have the best coaching and pitching staff I am ready to go" Castro acknowledged when he spoke with us after his 2-year/$12M deal with the Washington Nationals

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