Interview Pittsburgh Pirates Outfielder Guillermo Heredia


In an episode of Sportswinmore’s “MIKERODRIGUEZTV” PODCAST, Heredia opens up about escaping Cuba and staying in Mexico for 7 months. He remembers the risk of being apart of the baseball world for Cuban American players. He kept everything a secret, there were speculations he left to D.R, but he could not tell anyone the truth. Cuban baseball was all about money and it was a huge risk for his life but he had to what was right for his family and follow his dreams. 


After you left Mexico where did you go?

“I went to Miami for three months, from there I called my agent and asked to be change locations because of the party scene it was very dangerous and I wanted to focus on my craft I did not want to get distracted”


How long did it take you to get signed?


“ It took me a year and two months once I got to the states. On March 3rd, I signed with Seattle. I received the news brother, I landed in Arizona spring training and I got the call that they were interested in me and wanted to do a physical. After the physical was done It came out on the news very beautiful experience and my family was extremely proud" 


When did you get moved up from the minors?


“ I lasted in the minors for four months, First time walking into the Seattle clubhouse I saw everyone. First-person was Martine who was Cuban so it felt like home and then seeing the big dogs Robison Cano, Nelson Cruz, Felix Hernandez there were so many ballplayers that I never imagine being next to, and it was a surreal experience.”


Do you ever think there is a potential chance for your family to come to the US to watch a game?


“ Pittsburgh is trying to help me out they are working hard with the government trying to get a visa but with the crisis going on(COVID-19) it is tough to do so at the moment. But once it settles I do see a chance my family will come and my father will come to watch me play. "

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