Interview former Chicago Cubs 3B All-Star Aramis Rodriguez


In another episode of Sportswinmore's “Talking with the stars” brought to you by journalist Mike Rodriguez,  Aramis Ramirez opens up about his time growing up in D.R his stint in the minors and his all-star years with the Chicago Cubs as a third basement.

Where did you grow up?
“ I grew up in the capital in Santo Domingo. I started playing baseball at the age of 12 because I was focused on school. I started really late because I never traveled like all the other ball-players in the neighborhood because I didn't have the drive to go to the big leagues. I started out playing because my friends wanted to go to the park it was never going to travel just to play baseball. I never thought I would make it until I got to the triple AAA."
How did it feel once you got signed to the Pittsburgh pirates?
It felt great at the time I got signed for 7,000 which was a lot in the '90s. The first thing that I did with the money was to buy a little gold chain, three pairs of jeans and the rest went to my mom. She got a nice apartment and we settle in nicely. 
Your economic background how was it brought up?
"My parents were very strong-minded people. My parents were both hard workers and it motivated me as a kid to try and help your family be successful. Any young Dominican dream is to buy your parents a house and your dad a car. My family was hardworking my mom's background was a paramedic and my dad was an accountant and my only job was to play ball and to study."
How long did it take you to get the MLB?
It took me three years to get to the Majors. I played in the A in 95’ AA 96’ AAA 97’ My first stint was in Bradenton Florida. It was very relaxing during training when I first arrived I saw they were 30 Dominican players 3 of which were really close friends growing up from back home.'
Do you remember the day they announced you to move up from Triple-AAA?
"Yes, of course, it was amazing I was walking into the stadium at 19 and I thought when he called me into the office I thought I was trouble. I asked my self what did I do this time. I had no idea I was doing good it was the beginning of the season I was looking at the depth chart and I had a lot of ballplayers ahead of me with more experience at AAA."
When you got to Chicago in 2003 what comes to your head when you have Kenny Lofton on third Sammy Sosa on second and Moises Alou on first?
"I can't remember what was really on my mind but all I knew was I needed to get the job done. I had the bases loaded against Dontrelle Willis in the NLCS I knew the series was 3-1 we were winning 7-1 and all I thought to myself was we needed this game to stay alive."
What happened to the Cubs in 2003 in the last games?
We were fine just a lot of teams were good. San Francisco was dominating the Marlins in the regular season they end up beating them. We were superior against the Marlins they ended up knocking us out. The Yankees dominated the Marlins in the regular season and the Marlins ended up winning. To be honest it is not about what happened to us you got to give credit to those pitchers that were dominating and the amazing Hall of Famers  who were playing at the time."

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