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Episode 15. Lino Rivera @junitolino77


In episode 15 @junitolino77 talks to sportswinmore’s journalist @mikerodrigueztv1about @miguelandura_02 and @elgarysanchez move to report to fall training for the Toros del Este in the Dominican Republic. They both speak on the chances of families being able to attend the games and how players were looking coming off a season. Lino Rivera speaks on last years championship and how this year is shaping out his mindset in approaching this season.
Episode 15. Lino Rivera @junitolino77
How was the first day of training how was the chemistry of the team ?
Really good Mike, we had to wait for the Covid-19 results, but I was very surprised how conditioned the players were even coming off a season. Any fan who saw what I saw could tell that these boys are ready to player . It was a great dynamic and I really enjoyed the first practice of the toro.
There were three groups: 1) catchers, 2) group 6-7 infielders, 3) 8th outfielders, it was a very big group today
Tell me Lino how is everything going to work out during the pandemic?
Well I think it is going to be very different I think it is very important that the players are staying inside and not going out. They are not going to help the team if they are not behaving by the rules. Every player needs to stay out of problems and I hope that fans are able to come in to the ballpark. I vouched today the players' family should be allowed for their parents or kids or families to be allowed to at least enter the ball park. It is very important that we select the area where we play and it is very important to identify the surrounding areas to see if anyone is infected.
Last year you guys were the national champions in the Caribbean, what is your mind set for this year?
Every year it is different, I think that the second year and our record from last year does not matter. We already experience winning so that feeling is over and done with it. We are realist, we know that we’ve been there two consecutive years, and we know we have talent. Everyone on our staff prepares our players each day, and we have great players, but this game is not easy the last two times the winners have not been able to repeat.
Do you have any names from the major leagues that are going to participate in this year, Toro's Dominican league?
Most major leagues reached out to me the first one that is coming is Miguel Andujar and also Gary Sanchez. I can’t really mention too much because teams do not want us to say it is a definite. Most of these players have had a tough year in the major leagues because they did not get enough batting attempts. We are definitely a young team, but for the most part there have been a lot of majors league players reaching out that they want to play.
There a big rumor going around that the catcher of the Yankees Gary Sanchez wants to participate with the Toros?
Yes, I talk to Gary, we spoke previously that he is very interested In playing with us for the season. The reason why It did not come out because I did not want to guarantee it I wanted the Yankees to approve of it because If the reports came out that I said he was playing, and he eventually backed out it would look bad on us. But they did approve of it, and we are just waiting on his decision, but we spoke on his defense and getting some at bats in.

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